Research Programmes


The University of Patras and its Scientists have to prove their insistence in creating a high quality academic and cultural environment for educational and research activities, which will lead to a Public University competitive on an International basis. The endeavor of the academic community should be the Research University, which will

  • Facilitate, by all means, its researchers to carry out basic and applied research especially at the beginning of their carrier. This implies high quality management procedures as well as reasonable planning of Research Policy.
  • Organize its research potential and develop research structures capable for innovation growing and thus involving university research groups in solving problems for the society (Development Strategy).


Furthermore, strengthening all existing distinguished research groups is of primary importance and constitutes the cornerstone for reliable research development planning. Finally, the cooperation with other Universities and Institutes worldwide is of fundamental significance.

Research Management incorporates all procedures and measures required for smooth performance of undertaken projects. Procedures and measures are posed by funding organizations such as the European Community, National Organizations for Research Funding as well as the National Standardization Organization. Their main objective is the quality in the management of the projects, the assessment of the research results and the maximization of the potential benefits from research procedures towards the improvement of education and the creation of research potential.

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