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Welcome to ITTO


The Innovation & Technology Transfer Office (ITTO) is responsible for the transfer of technologies from Campus to the commercial sector so that the public can directly benefit from the ingenuity and creativity of our outstanding researchers. Providing access to new and improved devices, drugs, services, etc., all contribute to improving the quality of people's lives. ITTO strives to find the most efficient ways to take a concept developed by our inventors and turn it into a product useful in everyday life.


ITTO promotes, protects and manages the intellectual property developed by faculty members, students, other researchers, evaluates inventions, manages the patent portfolio, negotiates technology licenses and assists entrepreneurs with the creation of startups.


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The ITTO operates under the Research Committee of the University of Patras and its activities are categorized into six (6) main fields.


Α. Internal Information – Research Record

  • Research activities of each faculty member, per research field and department. (RDO site - http://rdo.upatras.gr/v1).
  • Research groups and equipment.
  • Intra-University Research Networks and Thematic Clusters.
  • Research teams involved in National and European R&D projects and the corresponding research results.
  • Scientific Services Provision – Technological know-how of laboratories to provide services and research products.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Academic Community (Patents- Spin off companies).


Β. External Information

  • Mapping of the productivity sector (industry – SMEs) of the wider region. Matching their activities with current research groups.
  • Identification of technological demand and needs.
  • Identification of infrastructure suitable for scientific research and development.
  • National and International R& D Organizations-Institutions.


C. Information on Funding Opportunities and Collaborations

  • Information on funding sources.
  • Information on events, info-days or seminars on current and upcoming calls for proposals.
  • Support for planning and preparation of R&D proposals.


D. Support activities on Innovation  

Development of mechanisms for the valorization of research results, management of intellectual property and technology transfer.

  • Support for patent applications (consulting -legal assistance).
  • Support for the initiation of Spin-off companies.
  • Support for the procedure of accreditation / or certification of laboratories.
  • Support and monitoring of cooperation agreements which aim to commercialization or funding of research results.
  • Information-Dissemination material on innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship.


Ε. Dissemination of research results 

  • Dissemination actions for the promotion of technological services and valorization of research results.
  • Networking the ITTO with relevant National and European organizations.
  • Reinforce networking actions among the researchers of the University of Patras. Further networking actions at regional and international level – Strengthening International Cooperation.
  • Consulting support for the preparation of research contracts with public and private organizations.
  • Guidelines for the procedure and implementation rules on ethical issues – information material.


F. Practices on Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer 

Business Approach (industry-SMEs) by field of activity.

Identification of:

  • Research sector for product development
  • Types of research matters-needs
  • Researcher’s ideas for implementation

Entrepreneurship knowledge especially for students and researchers of the University (Organize relevant training).

Organize seminars to businesses for training their staff in new technologies.

Collaboration with business executives to provide consulting and legal support to research groups.

Developing mechanisms for collaboration for creating new products.

Developing tools to promote innovative technologies and applied research results.